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page His current research focuses on: transformation of the urban and legitimate space from early modernity till today. Anthropological Profile of ordinary and normalized people and related discrimination systems. Social disabling dynamics. Recent publiations include: Différer possibilité. Logique fractctale et anatopismes sociaux, in Ciro Tarantino, Ciro Pizzo, online writing laboratory La Sociologie des possibles, Paris, Mimesis France, 2015. click here Per una fenomenologia del prender forma. L’anatopismo del dis-, in Ciro Tarantino, Alfredo Givigliano (a cura di), how to write a good application thesis statement Le forme sociali, Macerata, Quodlibet, 2015. reliable essay writing service Towards a Systematic Scenario of the Caserta Conurbation, in Annamaria Rufino (ed.), go Territorial Intelligence as Engine for the History of Future. Research on a Mid-global Laboratory, Saarbrücken, Lambert, 2012.

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