Shaping The Architect-Builders of the 21st Century

The spirit, the feeling for the buildings, the possibility of using these new materials, new configurations, the possibility of creating a system of construction which people who knew nothing about building could follow, could use successfully in their own houses, depended essentially on this daily connection which we had to the design and to the building, both. It depended, in its very essence, on the fact that these buildings were, for us, made things, things understood, built, never drawn, never thought out for someone else to build… and that everything we ever knew was something we learned ourselves, in our own yard, from trial and error and experience.


Welcome to the Community Center. In this room we share our stories and reflections related to our own experiences of making places, as well as those of living in places that are worth remembering and passing on as good lessons for the future. You are most welcome to get in touch with staff if you have stories you would like to share.

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